The Institute for Human and Leadership Excellence is PASSIONATE about inspiring leaders like you to reach your full potential through the study and practical application of I-Core Principles in your personal life and in relation to the ever changing world around you.

LEADERSHIP is made of the passion to excel personally and of the inspiration that helps others to excel.  Whether in a group or alone, leaders stand out from the crowd because they have “something” about themselves that others recognize as desirable.

We are COMMITTED to breaking down barriers that prevent leaders like you from reaching your highest levels of achievement and contribution through innovative, time-tested, and timely research, strategies, tools, workshops, and online materials.

Spend time with us and we GUARANTEE that you will grow your leadership acumen so you can articulate your 21st Century Leadership vision to the world in new ways.

Schedule your “TOTAL SANITY” leadership coaching session TODAY and download your guide to 21st Century Leadership!

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Explore 21st Century Leadership with local and legendary leaders through our exclusive programs

Are You A Leader?

The Many Faces of Leadership

Leadership has many faces. True leaders recognize each other by their style, values, practices, and desire to excel beyond established norms.

Check out our inspirational 21st Century Leadership Spotlight!

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Inspirational servant leadership

Servant leadership whose vision is the brand of excellence we should all come to know...
Project Manager

leadership that instills confidence

Leadership that naturally instills confidence through the use of sound judgment and impeccable character
Analytics Director
Human Excellence